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A LOW-PROFILE UNDER OR OVER JERSEY ROOST GUARD The all-new Raceframe Roost Guard is a versatile solution for chest and back roost protection. Its articulated design wraps the body for unparalleled protection, flexibility, and comfort. The straps are adjustable to fit all body types, and the low-profile design can be worn over or under the jersey.
R 1 650,00
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Thor Sentry XP Body Armor

The Thor Sentry XP offers excellent upper body protection with reinforced and articulated back panels that are matched with vented chest, shoulder and elbow guards. The Sentry XP also includes adjustable chest, shoulder and forearm closure straps which offer a comfortable and secure fit. The removable and ventilated waist belt is fully adjustable for comfort and is coated with silicone grip tape to help keep it in place when the terrain gets rough.
R 1 800,00