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Michelin Rear Tyre Enduro Medium On-Road/Off-Road/Touring Tyre

Michelin Rear Tyre Enduro Medium

Michelin Enduro Medium Terrain Tyres The Michelin Enduro Tyres were carefully conceived to cover a wide variety of terrains. Thanks to new compounds, improved tread patterns and general construction, the Enduro Tires deliver outstanding grip in dry and wet conditions alike, without sacrificing durability.
R 1 330,00
Michelin Starcross 5 Medium On-Road/Off-Road/Touring Tyre

Michelin Starcross 5 Medium

Michelin 80/100-21 Front Starcross 5 Tyre After a three-year testing and development program, Michelin has launched its brand new range of StarCross5 motocross tyres in Australia, listing a number of advantages over the previous Starcross 3 and 4 line-ups, including a lighter casing, increased straight line traction, better handling, and the ability to run higher inflation to reduce the risk of tyre 'pinch' without compromising performance. The lighter casing is down to a new production technology, with the three-ply nylon design jettisoned in favour of a two-ply polyester construction. Michelin claims the update has not only reduced tyre 'rebound' but lateral rigidity remains unaffected. And the StarCross 5 tyres also require less 'warm-up' compared to their predecessors.
R 800,00