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5100 10W30 4T 1L

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With the right lubricant your engine will be more reliable and last longer. Whatever the riding conditions (traffic, bad weather...), reach your destination safely. Free your mind of technical concerns, you’ve got the perfect solution for stop-and-go city traffic. Discover the best way to commute daily and improve your riding comfort with Motul.

The 5100 and 510 series offer Technosynthese® ESTER based high performance motorcycle lubricant designed to reduce engine wear and deliver essential lubricant performance for daily use. Exceeds the requirements of most motorcycle manufacturers. Excellent shear stability protects the engine and transmission and allows smooth shifting. JASO MA2 tested, guarantees a perfect function of the wet clutch.

Technical Information:

  • application: daily use
  • engine type: 4-stroke
  • vehicle type: motorcycle / street bike
  • quality: Technosynthese, ESTER
  • viscosity: 10W30
  • Standards: API SM / SL / SJ / SH / SG
  • Certificated: JASO MA2
  • size: 1 liter
5100 10W30 4T 1L

5100 10W30 4T 1L

R 180.00