Bridgestone Battlax T31 Sport Touring Front Tyres

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Bridgestone For the ever-evolving, new-generation of sophisticated adventure bikes, Bridgestone fuses the MotoGP heritage of the Battlax brand and the highly acclaimed all around excellence of the Battle Wing brand to create tires that deliver enhanced traction and stability, particularly on wet surfaces. These trail radials were extensively tested in the myriad conditions of European roads to ensure sportier, yet safer, performance on all roads, in all weather conditions.


  • 3LC (dual compound) rear construction offers enhanced stability and improved traction
  • Front compound features improved silica dispersion resulting in more flex and better wet weather performance
  • Higher sea/land ratio at shoulders improves water evacuation and rider confidence at lean
  • Mono-spiral belt construction (MSB) provides dynamic handling response with a light, linear feel and superb line holding ability
  • Groove angles optimized to generate maximum camber thrust
  • Larger contact patch at all angles when compared to the T30 EVO
  • Deco grooves provide a bold, aggressive look
  • "GT" Spec available in 4 sizes to suit heavy-weight motorcycles