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SHAD SH34 Carbon Top Box

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R 2,000.00


The SH34 Carbon is a smaller sized top box which features an innovative design offering the practicality and compact look wanted on a smaller box but able to fit accessories and 1 full face helmet inside.

The SH34 Carbon top box has been manufactured with great attention to aesthetic details, with a well rounded body with integrated reflectors and a stylish carbon finish, which is also interchangeable.

Every SH34 Carbon incorporates a fully waterproof system, made possible by a double profile rubber edge gasket, sealing all points that water could enter.

Each SH34 Carbon is engineered to be one of the lightest boxes in its category, as both the top box base and cover are designed with the minimum thickness, whilst still having the same resistance to shocks and scratches, thus being lighter than another case with the same volume.

The SH34 Top Box Features:

  • 34 Litre Capacity
  • 1 Full Face Helmet and Accessories.
  • 3kg Maximum Load
  • Mounting Plate Included (Bike Specific Fitting Kit Required)
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Comes In A Carbon Finish As Standard
  • Anti-Theft Protection: Metal Axis With No Holes.
  • Fully Lockable With the SHAD Press Lock System
  • Simply Removed From Motorcycle With Box Specific Key
  • Lightweight and Aerodynamic
  • Colour Change System
  • Designed in Barcelona
  • SHAD SH34 Carbon Top Box

    SHAD SH34 Carbon Top Box

    R 2,000.00