Shark D-Skwal Anyah KWB

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The perfect helmet for your everyday riding!

  • Ventilation optimized by means of numerical simulation (CFD)
  • Autoseal system: flattens the visor onto the helmet, offers better soundproofing and seals the helmet (against water and cold)
  • Extremely stable, with aerodynamic attributes enhanced by its spoiler
  • Lining: Removable, Washable
  • Visor: Scratch-Resistant, Clear, Willing To Pinlock - Comes With Pinlock Max Vision Lens (Quick Change Visir System Ensures Easy Replacement)
  • Sun Visor: Integrated, Scratch-Resistant, Tinted
  • Closure: Microlock Ratchet Closure
  • Tested In Accordance With Standard 22.05
  • Weight: 1.5kg  (+/- 50g, Size M)